Spring is in the air – so how come I feel like this?

Spring is in the air alright but I’m still feeling like the proverbial bear in hibernation. Bummer. Yesterday was a rather hectic one and last night was not much better. It looks as though I will have to go on meds to control my blood pressure and that’s a REAL bummer. Today is not quite as crazy but I’m already looking forward to the next long weekend for a little R&R. The studies continue and the review is going well. After fighting a bout of the flu for 3+ weeks, I’m beginning to feel a bit more normal with only occasional lapses of sinus problems. I’ve even returned to exercising and will continue the practice today. Before the flu thing hit, I was doing well and making real progress in keeping stress and anxiety under control but now am worse off than I was before the flu hit like a ton of bricks. But upward and onward as they say. Do hope you are enjoying the warm weather and sunshine today and through the weekend. Pres. Obama is supposed to have an explanation of the impact of his economic recovery stimulus plan this weekend but the time is right when I’m at church. I don’t know about going to someone’s house to view the plan but may still find the guts to sign up for the house meeting and just plan to come late. The explanation will be for 2 hrs and that will cover most of the questions. Until then, stay warm and well.
Originally posted on Blogger 2/5/09

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