Night Terrors Visit Again

Last night we had passing cold fronts and a developing squall line passing through. This, coupled with too much excitement about why a particular training site refused me access led to a restless and almost sleepless night. First problem was my fascination with the BossMan and his inevitable scheming to ‘beat the system’. This guy really believes in the system and also believes he can ‘beat it’. What a champ, huh? Gotta give it to ‘im, though. He keeps proving to himself over and over that he can beat the system by ignoring the rules or feigning ignorance of said rules. All it really does is give his employees night terrors and dark fantasies of how to beat the system beater! I made it to work and have set an appointment with the good doc to find a magic pill to mask the night terrors so I can also ignore the rules and the rule buster. Ah, for a bit of ignorant bliss that leads to a full and restful night’s sleep. Stay well. Warm is not a problem today.
This was originally posted on Blogger 2/9/09

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