It’s Monday and a Stormy Start

Haven’t been posting due to many things like a computer crash and rebirthing, Spring break and projects to do around the house. But, today is Monday following Spring break and am back hard at it. The weather patterns have changed from relatively calm spring weather to windy and stormy today through the rest of this week, basically. I’m now trying to learn about Facebook and MySpace networking sites. I’m beginning to understand them a little but still can see not much use for them. Hopefully, I will see opportunities for using the sites and then may set up an account and try to reconnect with people from way back. Don’t think it will be very successful and am not even sure I want to reconnect. Hard to tell who might ‘pop up’ out of the blue. Listened to ‘The Story’ on NPR about a young woman who reconnected to an old boy friend from high school only to find that she was no longer welcome in his life. Maybe I will find the same thing. Am in process of finishing up online courses and will finally have a ‘life’ after all this time. Won’t know what to do with myself. Later…
Originally posted on Blogger 3/23/09

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