A Generic Blog with pics

This is one of the posts I had from Lynda.com training on this software. As such, it has nothing to do with me or my blog, but it does act as filler until I have some entries of my own.

I purchased a digital camera not long ago and will be using it to catch some photos of my world and interests to help make this blog a more inviting place to visit. Hope you like the results. From this point on, ignore the content!

Since the school first opened, all Kindergarten books were housed in the common area between the two Kindergarten classrooms. Because the Kindergarten is so close to the school library, Principal Sheeney and the Board of Education decided to create a special Kindergarten area within the library. Kindergarten classes will make weekly “field trips” down the hall to the library for story time and occasional puppet shows. The library will be closed to other students during this time.

The new Kindergarten section will be a great way to introduce our youngest students to what libraries are all about!

Kindergarten Reading Room

Kindergarten Reading Room

Sample post during training

Rupert takes a helicopter rideSpringfield Elementary is extremely pleased to host noted children’s book author, C.J. Sebastian. Ms. Sebastian will join us on Tuesday, May 20 for a special Story Time in the newly remodeled Library, where she will read her latest book, Rupert Takes a Helicopter Ride, to Kindergarten and First Grade Students in a number of sessions throughout the morning.

A Springfield resident, Ms. Sebastian is the author of ten children’s books that explore new experiences from a child’s point of view. Her books help children expand their horizons by exposing them to new and exciting things. Her descriptive yet simple phrasing expands vocabulary while keeping meaning clear to her young readers.

CJ Sebastian at the controls of her helicopter

CJ Sebastian at the controls of her helicopter

A helicopter pilot for the past eight years, Ms. Sebastian will also address the fifth and sixth grades at a future assembly, where she will narrate a slide show of photos taken from her helicopter in the Springfield area. She has already participated in a Career Day at Springfield High, where she landed her helicopter on the football field and spoke directly to students about careers in aviation.

Ms. Sebastian also provided some learning materials for our sixth grade class to study helicopters:

  • About Helicopters is an illustrated student handout about helicopter aerodynamics.
  • Flying helicopters is an audio file that explains how Ms. Sebastian got started as a pilot.
  • Sky Harbor Takeoff Video

Ms. Sebastian will be available to autograph books and answer student and parent questions during the lunch break after her final reading on Tuesday. Mark your calendars!

How I spent my summer vacation

What was supposed to be my ‘summer’ break after the finish of the Web Design classes turned into a frantic last minute rush to complete all the requisites of the program and to take all my final certification exams. It was grueling and somewhat tedious.

I was close to total burn out but held it together long enough to make it to the finish line. I will admit that my final work had lost its edge and I don’t think I have a chance at any further awards BUT I am now reaping a bit of a reward for having completed my work. The evenings are less intimidating and frustrating since I can now work on what I choose to rather than playing make-up or trudging through endless paperwork, reading and coding.

I hope next summer will be a bit different than this one. Later…