Weekend results are in

I worked diligently on a few projects around the house and am feeling more than a little smug about having finished a few and started on others.

For starters, I used one of my two ladders to reach the fascia boards on the addon to my house and painted them. Next up, I painted and touched up the trim on the storage building and a couple of the window frames plus painted the front door jamb and painted the inside of my enclosed front porch, then did some furniture rearrangement and general cleanup.

I changed all the curtains in the patio room and the front porch, rearranged some of the items on my small patio. I now have a somewhat private place on my patio to sip my morning coffee and watch the honey bees collect nectar and pollen from the two Rose of Sharon bushes right off my patio.

I’m hoping the yard crew comes early this week since the recent rains have allowed the yard to ‘takeoff’ and grow like it was spring! There is rain in the forecast for Thurs or Friday so that’s why a visit from the yard crew early in the week would be quite helpful.

I now have a smallish pile of items ready to take to Goodwill but am sure this pile will grow over the week and will be more substantial by the end of this week.

I don’t fully comprehend the psychological dynamics that have kicked in here, but I’m feeling more energized and jazzed inspite of my exhaustion from the physical labor that caused me trouble sleeping on Saturday night. Must be something to do with new beginnings and closure. Anyway, the feeling is most gratifying.

I’m reading a book titled “4-Hour-Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. In it, Ferriss challenges us to shake up our ‘accepted but unchallenged’ beliefs about work and time. He’s at it again this morning on his blog. He has taken Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham City Jail and highlighted parts of it to help us overcome our current mindset and start to really question if our way of doing stuff is working for us or not. His blog concerned “How to Respond to Criticism”. I encourage you to take a trek over to his blog and read the entire article. The URL is: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/

No matter what belief I hold about my ‘status quo’, Ferriss rams right into it and challenges me to start asking if this is ‘good enough’ for me or if there might be a better way to see things. Perhaps, it’s for this reason that I feel so inspired to go even further with my home projects.

I broke through my apathy of self-talk that kept saying, “you’re a woman and women don’t do these things. Men do them.” Going ahead and redefining what activities I’m going to allow myself to do or try to do around the house has given me a sense of empowerment. There are things I can do. There are things I am not willing to ‘bone up’ on and will call in professional help. But, for the time being, I can overcome the excess stuff I’m storing in my garage and use this space for something that works better for me. All because I decided to question the belief that home improvement jobs are not a woman’s domain.

What beliefs are you hanging on to that are holding you back?