Scandals and Outrage

Been gone a long time. My visit to Oregon was delightful. The drive back across country was long but very inspiring. Did note that too few renewable resources are being used and too much fossil fuel is being consumed.

Looks like that won’t matter if the dire predictions about 2012 are true, though, will it? The last time we had this level of hysteria and fear mongering was with 2001 bombing attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

I’m wondering if any of the money we common citizens gave so selflessly to the 9/11 victims ever got distributed to them? Probably not. Most went into some spurious fund to swell the back pockets of the politicians at that time, no doubt. And our news media conveniently forgot to inform us that none of the money went to help any of the rescuers who became very ill through their valiant efforts to find anyone amongst the rubble at ground zero. Oh, well…business as usual.

The latest scam perpetrated by the W.H.O. is just another example of shameless abuse of power and corruption at the highest levels. I am appalled at the common citizen’s ability to wink at such corruption and abuse and not raise a stink about having a useless and possibly dangerous vaccine shoved down our throats for the benefit of yet another huge corporation’s CEO.

What happened to human rights? Corporations are NOT HUMAN, folks. When did we forget that and elevate corporations (because of their wealth) above humans? Isn’t it time to make a better choice?

And while we’re on the topic of abuses, why haven’t the banksters who stole all our money and then got bailed out with all their bonuses and golden parachutes intact, been held accountable? Why haven’t any regulations on derivatives been instituted, Congress? Why hasn’t AIG been deemed a monopoly and dismantled? Why are we still dealing with these robber barons as though they are sacrosanct? Why are we not holding them accountable for their criminally irresponsible behaviors against humanity? WHY???

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