Procrastination Strikes again!

I just posted this on my Pennicole Graphics Blog and thought it would serve nicely as a post to my personal blog. There the heading was different but the content was the same.

I seem to be doing the procrastination thing again. It’s been months since I finished my certification program in Web Design/Development and I’ve used the time to regain some much needed social life again, build or maintain sites for friends and acquaintances and mess around with more training in CS4.

The one thing I haven’t used the time for is to upgrade my ePortfolio and complete my personal Web Site or do any meaningful self-promotion.

Part of this procrastination thing is aversion to late, late nights and feeling totally isolated again. Part is from rebelling against the strict self-discipline I practiced for damn near 2 years. And a part is also from fear of not being good enough.

I’m guessing that getting back to basics will stoke are my creative fires once again and relieve my fear-based feet dragging. Once I get fired up about creating something (like an interactive document), I get completely lost in the joy of putting the whole thing together.

Now, where did I put that magic Muse? Hmm…I could swear she was around here somewheres!


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