Step 1 – changing from negative to positive

Yesterday, I wrote about Seth Godin’s post on positive and negative thinking. Today, I’m working on how to change my beliefs from negative to positive ones even during a crisis.

The technique I’m using today comes from a tip one of the speakers on PBS’s Fall Festival gave during her talk to women on post-menopausal issues. The technique is to think of something that pulls your heartstrings and makes you just ooh and aah and want to nurture that thing.

Some of the things that make me do that are baby animals, human babies and children. Yours may be seeing a beautiful sunset, reading an inspirational quote or poem or listening to music.

Whatever it is that gives you that sense of wanting to nurture and protect the thing you are oohing and aahing over is what you hold in mind. Now, keep thinking about it until you feel the release in your chest or heart area. When you feel that release, just notice how good your body feels and take a moment to savor the feeling. Each time you feel the tension return, recall the image of that special nurtured object and go through the process of allowing yourself to mentally ooh and aah again and savor that feeling of well-being.

Practicing this first step of changing your mind-set from tense to alert but relaxed and safe will help to set the stage for dealing with the demons you will face in a later step. For now, just continue to practice this mental act of nurturing all day. Then, extend the practice to each day as you awaken or face another stressor. Practicing and recalling the release and sense of safety and well-being is what we are after. Recall the exercise as often as possible whenever you are feeling stressed as well as when you need a little ‘lift’.

Each time you experience this release around the heart area and the feeling that spreads throughout your body of well-being and security, you are releasing powerful healing hormones from your brain and endocrine system. Our goal is to make this a habit to replace the habit of focusing on stressors that cause you to release fight/flight hormones. Those hormones can be harmful when your body experiences them over and over day after day. The healing hormones are actually the janitors and mothers that come in and sweep away the debris left by the stress-related hormones. And everybody can use a good cleanup by a loving mom.

Next step, find your treasure…

Some ‘added’ posts

I have added another blog which will serve as my business blog and this one will soon become my personal blog so don’t freak out when you see that the header graphic has changed. These updates will be coming soon but not until I have some of my other weekend chores and activities out of the way.

I added some posts from another blog I have on blogger. Although I followed the directions (I think), adding the posts didn’t really turn out the way I thought it would.

Guess what? I have the added posts corrected and added to this blog just as they were originally on blogger. WordPress is such a cool application and has a number of features not available on blogger.

Some of the posts on this blog were ones created during my training on WordPress thru online video training. If you haven’t tried out her site but want to learn more or upgrade your computer skills, is the perfect place to start. Anyway, I will soon replace, update or remove these posts.

The more recent posts are centered around my personal activities, observations and lifestyle. My interests are art, calligraphy, blogging, Internet research, reading and learning about new subjects.

What are your interests? How do you like to spend your time?

Saturday blahs

I still have not found the error in my blog scripts and am going round and round trying to discover what, if anything, I left out or typed wrongly. Went to hear and see a performance of Haydn’s ‘The Creation’ this afternoon. It was held in the sanctuary of First Presby of OKC. Quite an epic presentation. The soaring duet between Adam and Eve in the final Part III was touching as well as beautiful unlike the angelic solos of the earlier Parts I and II. The finale was to Praise God, Almighty for His grand creation. I found it moving but couldn’t seem to keep myself from questioning this story of creation we have fabricated. Who is man that God should take passing notice of even our praise? Leaves me with deep questions which are no more than ego constructs, no doubt. I enjoyed the break from searching through line by line for hidden errors and omissions, though.
Originally posted on Blogger 5/2/09

Monday after the storm

Today is still stormy and threatening but the weather has moved south and north of the Oklahoma State borders. Last night, while struggling with my programming code, I had a ‘time-out’ from my struggles. My rescue kitty, who lives in my converted patio room, asked to come in. She was terrified of the high winds, blowing rain and noisy lightshow going on just outside her part of the house. As I watched Masterpiece Theater on PBS, I held her and comforted her. At the height of the storm the local PBS channel had numerous interruptions in the digitally transmitted signal and even my comfort and reassurance could not calm kitty. She jumped off the couch and ran into my bedroom only to hide under the bed. No amount of coaxing could budge her. I returned to my program and only lost about 10 minutes of the program due to the storm. It continued to subside and the program concluded. I then switched to a local station to get an update on the intensity of the storms passing over the Oklahoma City metro area. The weatherman reported that they were dumping massive amounts of much needed rain and they were quite noisy but not terribly threatening and were moving out of the metro area. I returned to my computer, found the solution to my programming challenge and began to feel that I might be able to exit this course by the end of spring term which comes in about 3 weeks. This has been a very big challenge and I’ve only just begun to make any headway with data retrieval from the database through the programming. Each time I make a breakthrough it feels like the sun broke through the clouds. Appropriate, huh? Ignorance and suffering are merely clouds. Willingness is the key to pushing through the cloud banks that seem to surround me in a foreboding darkness. As I opened to compassion for my kitty’s suffering and fear, something else was opened within me to receive the gift of release from my own ignorance and fear – willingness. Willingness requires much more than it seems at first glance. Willingness requires trust and the chance of being totally vulnerable to outcomes. Willingness requires surrender of my tight grip on the control console and allows a steadier hand to take over. Willingness requires admitting that I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ANYTHING IS FOR. A real challenge for an ego! Willingness seems to exact a very dear price from my ego and yet, the rewards are so far reaching (they actually go on for eternity) that no amount of analysis gives my ego even a tiny glimmer of how rich and full those rewards are. My prayer for today: Thank you, God, for the gift of being open and vulnerable before you. Thank you for touching my heart with compassion and showing me how much you care for me even when I’m tightly bound in my chains of ignorance and fear. Thank you for your comfort and guidance. Amen
Originally posted on Blogger 4/27/09

Seeing the Christ Within

Yesterday, I had a spiritual aha. During the morning lesson at Sunday service, the minister asked us to ‘Do the Work’ on one simple belief or concept. It was: “I am a Child of the Universal Divine.” He asked us to ask the first question about that concept or belief. Can I know this is true? Can I absolutely know this is true? Upon receiving the challenge I went into a reverie of inner searching about that query. To my surprise, it took me back to my earliest teaching learned from my fundamentalist father. Yes, he told me, I was ultimately a Child of God and not just a human child. Wow! No matter how hard I tried to wrench this knowingness out of my heart, I could not. I believe this with all my heart, my soul, my being. According to ACIM, I may not (as an individual entity) be real, but the thing that created me IS REAL and can never die. And there is nothing beyond that because that is or contains all that is real. There simply was no shaking that precept. This was an enjoyable enough ‘aha’ but the next one was even more enjoyable. If I can absolutely know that I am a Child of God, can I dispute that other parts of me in different bodies are NOT God? No, I can’t. Even if I don’t like what those parts of me are showing me, they are still created by the same thing that created me. Instantly, I knew the truth about no separation because there is none. Whatever one knows, all know. Whatever truth is is shared by all. Whatever is not is not shared by any. All my judgments and condemnations really are about me. It was, needless to say, a mountaintop or peak experience. I am a Child of the Divine. I do know this to be true. I pray you know it to be true for you (and me) also. Peace, Child.
Originally posted on Blogger 4/27/09