Definitely Monday

It has been a Monday to remember and not for any good reasons. To begin, a computer glitch and then an hour lost over the weekend due to Daylight Savings time change (does it really save daylight?) and lastly a holdup and road blocks to getting the computer glitch repaired. I simply don’t know how long this will take to repair and get me back in the ‘groove’ so to speak. The only good thing about today is that I will be going home soon. Perhaps, Tuesday will offer more positive things.
Originally posted on Blogger 3/9/09

What a day Monday it was!

I haven’t posted for a while but decided to do so in hopes of unscrambling my thoughts. Yesterday, I was at the point of exhaustion all day. I went home from work and did a few chores then readied myself for a full evening of studies. I curled up with my text book and started to read in order to finish the final lesson in my current class so I could then start taking my exams and be finished by Friday at 5:00pm when this online class closes. At 10:30pm I awoke just long enough to turn off lights and crawl into bed. I overslept this morning since I had neglected to turn on my bedside alarm. I did manage to arrive at work on time with a little to spare but am amazed at the length of time I slept to recover from a weekend of lost sleep. One good note is that I was able to finish my last project in this online class and now have only one lesson to complete before starting my final exams. One bad note is that the next class starts Friday evening at 5:01pm. There is no rest for the wicked, I guess.
Originally posted on Blogger 3/3/09

Studying and Growing

As I study the most common errors committed by beginning (and sometimes advanced) programmers, it becomes evident that although Firefox is still the best, most compliant and most reliable browser, more people continue to use a renegade browser like Microsoft’s IE. Perhaps, this is due to ignorance about the different browsers available. Perhaps, it’s because IE is what the ‘company’ uses and it’s easier not to make waves and follow the pack even though the leader of that pack doesn’t have a clue about where it’s going! Reminds me of what’s going on in DC currently. The Republicans continue to hold fast to the belief that the Democrats are taking us down a path straight to economic hell and so refuse to vote for or support any efforts made towards reconciling differences about an economic stimulus package presented by Pres. Obama. Seems they believe that they hold the only true and rightful answers about how to solve the economic disaster we find ourselves in. If that’s the case, why haven’t they written an economic stimulus package, presented it to the House and Senate and tossed said bill in front of the new Prez? If they truly believe that they are the only ones who can save our sorry behinds from the economic boogie bad guys, why are they so reluctant to step up and take action to do just that rather than play a game of Russian Roulette with economic disaster and world-wide depression? Could it be that they have no real answers and are scared out of their wits so they hide behind a mountain of rhetoric and stonewall the entire nation with platitudes about how only THEIR plan will work? ‘Methinks they doth protest too much!’ Stay warm and well. Spring is lurking somewhere out there.
Originally posted on Blogger 1/30/09