Seeing the Christ Within

Yesterday, I had a spiritual aha. During the morning lesson at Sunday service, the minister asked us to ‘Do the Work’ on one simple belief or concept. It was: “I am a Child of the Universal Divine.” He asked us to ask the first question about that concept or belief. Can I know this is true? Can I absolutely know this is true? Upon receiving the challenge I went into a reverie of inner searching about that query. To my surprise, it took me back to my earliest teaching learned from my fundamentalist father. Yes, he told me, I was ultimately a Child of God and not just a human child. Wow! No matter how hard I tried to wrench this knowingness out of my heart, I could not. I believe this with all my heart, my soul, my being. According to ACIM, I may not (as an individual entity) be real, but the thing that created me IS REAL and can never die. And there is nothing beyond that because that is or contains all that is real. There simply was no shaking that precept. This was an enjoyable enough ‘aha’ but the next one was even more enjoyable. If I can absolutely know that I am a Child of God, can I dispute that other parts of me in different bodies are NOT God? No, I can’t. Even if I don’t like what those parts of me are showing me, they are still created by the same thing that created me. Instantly, I knew the truth about no separation because there is none. Whatever one knows, all know. Whatever truth is is shared by all. Whatever is not is not shared by any. All my judgments and condemnations really are about me. It was, needless to say, a mountaintop or peak experience. I am a Child of the Divine. I do know this to be true. I pray you know it to be true for you (and me) also. Peace, Child.
Originally posted on Blogger 4/27/09