It’s Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I don’t have anything special planned but will be spending time clearing some accumulated clutter out of my dining area and starting on the garage.

I seem to fight this issue over and over again. This time, I plan to get a few things out of the garage and over to a local thrift shop so I can finally start the clearing out process in the garage itself.

I have some art inventory from a business I ran some years back and am planning to learn a bit more about eBay listing and selling techniques to rid my garage of all these unwanted items that can’t go to a thrift or charity shop.

It will be nice to start on the clearing and cleaning out process. I’m told that it leaves one feeling uplifted and more energized. I’m up for that! And a nice benefit of this is that I will be able to use my garage for parking my car in bad weather. That will be very nice, indeed.

I just thought of another activity I need to get ‘a round tuit’. My enclosed front porch needs some clearing out and cleaning as well as some paint touch ups. I won’t have to water the flower beds since recent (and unexpected but greatly appreciated) rains have accomplished for me.

I seem to plan too much for weekends and then feel really down when there isn’t enough time to get everything finished. This time, I hope not to fall into that trap!

What’s up for your weekend? Whatever you have planned (or not), I hope it goes really well for you.

Summer Hours

After a long weekend, I am back in the office to start the grueling summer hours. We work 9 hrs/day for 4 days and then have half a day off on Fridays. Supposedly, it saves energy and makes the employer feel as though they are ‘going green.’ I’m certainly impressed, yawn! Fortunately, this schedule only lasts till the end of July. Have a great summer everyone.
Originally posted on Blogger 6/1/09

Saturday blahs

I still have not found the error in my blog scripts and am going round and round trying to discover what, if anything, I left out or typed wrongly. Went to hear and see a performance of Haydn’s ‘The Creation’ this afternoon. It was held in the sanctuary of First Presby of OKC. Quite an epic presentation. The soaring duet between Adam and Eve in the final Part III was touching as well as beautiful unlike the angelic solos of the earlier Parts I and II. The finale was to Praise God, Almighty for His grand creation. I found it moving but couldn’t seem to keep myself from questioning this story of creation we have fabricated. Who is man that God should take passing notice of even our praise? Leaves me with deep questions which are no more than ego constructs, no doubt. I enjoyed the break from searching through line by line for hidden errors and omissions, though.
Originally posted on Blogger 5/2/09